Saturday, 15 May 2010

Will there be a record entry

Traditionally entries closed at midday on a Saturday to coincide more with the postal deliveries. Certainly a midnight deadline would have been unworkable given the number of people who made hand deliveries to the Corran household.

Last year, although the electronic entries closed a week after the manual ones, the organisers stuck with the midday deadline - there were people entering right up to the last minute.

I was expecting the same today but it has gone quiet this evening.

My prediction of 2,000 is certainly not going to happen.

In fact, we still need another 21 to break the record. I think its going to touch and go.

What surprises me is, not so much the number of new entrants but, the number from last year who have not returned.

The publicity this year has been absolutely brilliant so you wonder how many would have entered without it.

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  1. Hi Murray, its Karen just to let you know that at the moment I have a further 14 entries to enter. I would also like to highlight that earlier this evening for a very short period we experienced a slight technical hitch and taking this into account the Committee felt it appropriate to extend the closing date until Sunday 16th at midnight giving an extention of a day for all those who have experienced any difficulties with the online system.