Sunday, 28 February 2010

Anne Baggesen

Yohann Bonjus

Adrian Brooks

Rhodes Brown

Robert Coole

Monica Cowin

Janine Cubbon

Bill Entwistle

Debbie Fenton

Donna Gregson

Denise Hogg

Adam Killip

Dave Mackey

Ian Marshall

Ruth Nichol

Susan Perry

Stephen Pevsner

Steven Quinn

Julie Redford

Jane Reubens

Gustav Rober

Les Shires

Donny Strathie

Rebecca Taylor

James Tregellis

Douglas Underwood

Sarah Underwood

Leonie Ward

Edward Welsh

Sunday, 21 February 2010

What has gone wrong

There have only been 4 entries in five days.

Welcome to the following:

Sue Ackroyd

David Anderson

Frank Feeney

Dane Gardiner

but if you are intending to walk and have not yet entered, please do so - or tell your friends to do so.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Don't read this if you haven't entered yet

Don't expect other people to have entered if you have not taken the plunge yet. The entries should be faster than this. Here are the only four since the last post:

Christine Carter

Sandra Kaighin

Sharon O'Neill

Sarina Watterson

That takes the entry to 282. When we get to 300 I will make some effort to do some more stats but not before.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Only 7 entries in 2 1/2 days

Here they are:

George Blair

Teresa Marie Blair

Lawrence Dyer

Sue Furner

Rebecca Hoskisson

Jackie Turley

Jonathan Wild

Friday, 12 February 2010

Quiet couple of days for entries

but here are the latest

Gillian Edmonds

Keith Edmonds

Cedric Quayle

David Walker

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

371 people have completed just one lap

Hopefully a few of the following will get lap number 2 under their belt this year:

David Hall (2)
Jane Ryder
Jane Wolstencroft
David McCutcheon
David James
Jared Smith
David Peach
Carolyn Brown
David Humphrey
Jed Clayton
David Hall
Jeff Looker
Jenny Davies
Jenny Smith
Jill Turner
Jim Anderson
Jim Bispham
Jim Caley
Jane Cregeen
Caroline Rielly
Jimmy Thompson
James Kennish
James Daniel Kinley
James Broughton
James Betteridge
Joe Brown
Andrew McCutcheon
Jackie Horne
Carolyn Lace
Caroline Moran
Caroline Convery
Caroline Cain
Alex Quine
Adrian Smith
John Crellin
Illona Leadley
John Dowling
John Fenton
John Hanbidge
John Horton
Barry Bridson
Barbara Bagley
John McClafferty
John Moss
Ian Wakley
John Ronan
John Senogles
David Griffiths
David Radcliffe
Ian Marshall
Carole Staples
John Tasker
David Goldsmith
John Wright
Jon Allen
Jon Russell-Dunn
Jonathan Wild
Joseph Clayton
Ian Liddle
Ian Lewandowskyj
Juan Kinnish
Arie Boertjes
Juana Warburton
Julia Furner
Julian Teare
Alison Finch
Ian Hodkinson
Julie Hill
Julie Masterman
Ian Gale
Justin Meecham
Karen Counsell
Karen Lawrie
Allan Callow
Andrew Quayle
Ian Anderson
Ian Allan Dunbar
Iain Craig
Kay O'Meara
Keith John Swales
David Clover
Anthony Rickaby
Kelly Gulland
Ken Christian
Charlie Turner
Carolyn Magee
Helen Yates
Kenny Valerga
Kevan Osborn
Helen Taylor
Adrian Brooks
Carol McCoubrey
Helen Tasker
Kevin Skinner
Carl Senogles
Kevin Walmsley
Helen Pope
Helen Clague
Kuba Szymanski
Heather Murphy
Laurence Maddrell
Laurie Gale
Cameron Mackintosh
Leece Kneale
David Brew
Les Austin
Les Brown
Hazel Fairhurst
Anthony Ferguson
Allan Corlett
Liz Black
Lorna Meechan
Lorna Stringer
Louise Russell
Haydn Mark Kenna
Luc Nicque
Lynda Jones
Lynn McCoubrey
Lynsey Singer
Malcolm Meddings
Anthony Atkinson
Malcolm Whelan
Margy Killey
Marian Garvey
Annie Harling
Harry Shaw
Hans Van de Knaap
Hannah Newton
Mark Corkish
Guy Burton
Mark Harvey
Mark Haynes
David Rielly
David Ronan
Mark Kermode
Mark Kinley
Mark Le Lerre
Mark Osborn
Mark Phillips
Mark Williams
Marleen Radder
Dave O'Sullivan
Martin Feely
Martin Hall
Martin Kennaugh
Martin Lambden
Martin Malone
Catreena Price
David Stacey
Gordon Vale
Martina Preuss
Gordon Corrin
Matt Harvey
Alistair Sutherland
Matthew Halsall
Maureen Cowbourne
Dave Mackey
Glenn Blacker
Gillian Morphet
Gillian Manley
Bridget Kaneen
Michael Dougherty
Michael Ellis
Michael Farnworth
Brian Richmond
Brian Maddrell
Dave Lockett
David Wallace Young
Dave Lawrie
Michelle Stevens
Adrian Cannell
Mick Rodger
David Whittam
Mike Cutsforth
Cheryl Astin
Mike Hickey
Mina Patel
Miro Metodiev
Miroslav Metodiev
Mitch Joughin
Darryl Gribbin
Gerald Dentith
Geoff Dowling
Neal Aitken
Geoff Barfoot
Neil Towers
Nicholas Kelly
Nicholas Stephenson
Gary Poole
Garry Reid
Nigel Fisher
Nigel Maddocks
Nigel Whitehouse
Nikki Boyde
Daniel Winrow
Damien Devlin
Norman Senogles
Oliver Browne
Patrick Crowe
Patrick Hartley
Gareth Jones
Paul Boulton
Paul Briggs
Paul Condon
Paul Jackson
Paul Jempson
Bernard Kelly
Paul Jones
Fred Baker
Fraser Mackay
Paul Malone
Frank Dolan
Alan Teare
Eunice Davies
Paul Wheeldon
Charles Pimblett
Pauline Wood
Eric Horwell
Peter (George) Cannell
Peter Beighton
Peter Bettridge
Colleen Cubbon
Eric Culpan
Peter Halsall
Brett Cullen
Peter Lewis
Peter Lewthwaite
Colin Moore
Colin Hodgkinson
Phil Ashworth
Elizabeth Mary McGowan
Phil Hancock
Phil Maltby
Phil Marshall
Phil Motley
Elizabeth Corran
Phil Ward
Philip Griffiths
Philip Knop
Pippa Edmonds
Eleanor Gawne
Ralph Pawling
Ann Sayer
Ray Manning
Andrew Garrett
Raymond Cox
Remo Ricciardi
Rich Sims
Richard Brown
Richard Cooil
Richard Corlett
Richard Creer
Richard Done
Richard Fathers
Eleanor Bingham
Richard Hird
Colin Garvey
Chris Burn
Rob Campbell
Elaine Masterson
Allan Thomson
Robbie Corkish
Robbie Stockton
Robert Alexander James Brown
Robert Clucas
Edmund Shillabeer
Robert Currey
Robert Higgins
Robert Waller
Eddie Corlett
Charles-Tunde Arosanyin
Ron Ronan
Ed Burn
Rosie Allen
Rosie Snape
Clarence Cheney
Angela Southern
Andrew Skelly
Samantha Draper
Samuel Fletcher
Sandra Brown
Sarah Corlett
Sarah Jo Callow
Sarah Morgan-Jones
Sarah Nelson
Sarah Thornhill
Angela Martin
Sean Murphy
Bob Kewley
Duncan Firth
Claire Coleman
Albert Johnson
David Woolnough
Simon Mellor
Simon Shaw
Ben O'Hare
Christopher Waller
Douglas Vernon
Stefan Dunajewski
Amanda Whitelegg
Dougie Lister
Amanda Dougherty
Stephen Corkill
Stephen Evans
Stephen Harvey
Stephen Kelly
Stephen O'Hare
Steve Allen
Steve Brennan
Ady Hogg
Steve Kelly
Dougie Corkill
Ben Watterson
Steve Taylor
Steve Wood
Steven John Caley
Steven Small
Stewart Sayle
Stirling Clift
Stuart Counsell
Andy Sewell
Doreen Smith
Sue McCourt
Sue Tilston
Sue Young
Don Bottomley
Susan Moore
Diane Turner
Sylvia Harrison
Ted Warner
Diane Skinner
Diane Simpson
Terry Bates
Adrian Gell
Andy Quayle
Alexandra Goldsmith
Tim Layhe
Billy Shaw
Tony Barfoot
Chris Walker
Tony Conway
Derek Corkill
Tony Duggan
Bill Roe
Derek Appleton
Tony Kerruish
Tony O'Connor
Denise Foxton
Tony Varley
Tracey Cook
Trevor Coleman
Trevor Kirkwood
Debby Ashe
Chris Moore
Vinny Lynch
Vivienne Hooper
Debbie Storrie
Wendy Ross
Wendy Senogles
Wendy Thirkettle
Wendy Watson
William Craig
William McFall
William Stevenson
Chris Moon
Andy Harrison
Bernie Ball
Winnie Callister
Winston Lui
Chris Goldsmith
Debbie Hawke

2 more ntreies

Annette Heath

Ste Jackson

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Not enough to make it worthwhile

Only one more entry since I last did the analysis.

4 for the list

Matthew Breadner

Martin Hall

Roy McLean

Carl Wilson

Sunday, 7 February 2010

26 different winners to date

There have been 48 Parish Walks but only 26 different winners.

Here they all are:

Albert Johnson 15:54:51 1967

Brian Ashwell 16:37:47 1995

Charlie Weston 18:17:55 1989

Charlie Weston 17:46:58 1991

Chris Flint 17:36:40 1997

Chris Flint 17:07:46 1999

Derek Harrison 16:19:15 1972

Derek Harrison 16:36:04 1973

Derek Harrison 15:20:51 1979

Derek Harrison 16:13:10 1980

Derek Harrison 16:10:17 1984

Dudley Seddon 17:21:49 1970

Gordon Vale 17:55:10 1990

Graham Young 15:43:12 1971

Graham Young 16:38:27 1992

Henry Harvey 17:10:17 1961

Henry Harvey 16:25:40 1962

Henry Harvey 16:21:06 1964

Ian Hodkinson 17:11:25 1969

Jock Waddington 15:44:43 2008

Jock Waddington 15:45:56 2009

Joe Brown 17:04:09 1963

John Cannell 17:28:12 1976

John Cannell 16:15:11 1981

John Cannell 15:59:33 1982

John Cannell 16:31:38 1983

John Cannell 16:11:11 1993

John Cannell 16:13:46 1994

John Dowling 16:40:07 1974

Lee Cain 17:26:29 1996

Leece Kneale 16:05:52 1968

Martin Lambden 17:12:01 1988

Murray Lambden 16:19:37 1978

Peter Kaneen 16:59:54 2000

Peter Kaneen 15:26:07 2003

Richard Brown 15:59:44 1998

Robbie Callister 16:59:27 2001

Robbie Callister 16:34:30 2002

Robbie Callister 15:26:31 2004

Robbie Callister 15:24:24 2005

Robbie Callister 15:36:47 2007

Sean Hands 14:47:36 2006

Stan Cleator 19:50:30 1960

Steve Gardner 19:11:01 1977

Ted Warner 18:49:52 1975

Willie Corkill 16:29:31 1985

Willie Corkill 17:03:45 1986

Willie Corkill 16:58:33 1987

261 entries now

The following are new to the list:

Valerie Cochrane

Stephen Corkill

Elizabeth Maxwell

Cherith Muldrew

Trudy Muldrew

Alastair Owen

And five from Saturday

Peter Cain

Mark Corkish

Selwyn Facey

Clare Moretta

Mark Saunders

These were Friday' entries

I posted them on the wrong blog!

Catriona Farrant

Ian Wakley

John Watterson

Thursday, 4 February 2010

247 entries now

Susan Cannell

Damian Devlin

Kevin Edge

Tom Haworth

Adrian Hogg

Helen Lamming Joe Lamming

Sharon Lund

3 updates the site

I'm pleased to confirm that you can now order the Race Walking Record special edition.

There is a link on the Media page or you can follow it from here:

I've corrected the age at which featured walker Dave Fereday ran his 57.25 - he was 22 and not 19.

Finally, on the Organising Page, I have updated the wording about the change of sponsors and their common membership of the Lloyds Banking Group.

I can go for my run now!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Random averages

The average finishing time for a woman in 2009 was 21:15:48.

The average time during the past three years over the final leg from Onchan to the Finish is 33:42.

4 entries take total to 239

Stephen Bell

Martin Blyth

James Russell

Nick Saunders

Monday, 1 February 2010

Three more in 24 hours

James Devaney

Adrian Jones

Darren Shaw

Nothing like the last 8 years

For 40 odd years the average winning time of the Parish Walk didn't change that much.

There have now been 48 Parish Walks (remember although they started in 1960 the event was not held in 1965 or 1966).

First 10: 1960 to 1971: 16:54:53

Second 10: 1972 to 1981: 16:55:20

Third 10: 1982 to 1991: 17:02:32

Fourth 10: 1992 to 2001: 16:47:07

Although the first 10 included Graham Young's 15:43 and Leece Kneale's 16:05, they were weighed down by the first race of 19:50 and four others over 17 hours.

The second 10 included Derek Harrison's 15.20 but you must remember that between 1975 and 1977 the event was in decline with an average winning time of only 18:30.

The third 10 was the slowest ever although more consistent with only 1 over 18 hours and one marginally inside 16 hours.

The fourth saw even more consistency with the winner under 17 hours on 7 occasions and nothing over 18 hours.

So after 40 races the average was 16:54:58.

The average for the last 8 years has been 15:35:49.

Here are all the winning times for the last 8 years:

Robbie Callister 16:34:30 Peter Kaneen 15:26:07 Robbie Callister 15:26:31 Robbie Callister 15:24:24 Sean Hands 14:47:36 Robbie Callister 15:36:47 Jock Waddington 15:44:43 Jock Waddington 15:45:56