Saturday, 15 May 2010

Walkers who have named a team

I think that each team are allowed 4 walkers but more than 4 have entered with the same team name in some cases and not enough in others. Can anyone give some advice on this?

3 Walkers and a Plod - Dave Mackey
3 walkers and a plod - David Walker
3 walkers and a plod - Peter Ryan
3 walkers and a plod - Vinny Lynch
AIB - Christopher Brew
Are we there yet - Kelita Crocker
Are we there yet - Lisa Worthington
Are we there yet - Rachel Stobbs
Are we there yet? - Tim Elgar
Barclays Wealth - Ben Barlow
Barclays Wealth - Oliver Cheshire
Barclays Wealth IT - Daniel Cowin
Barclays Wealth IT - Martin Teare
Barclays Wealth IT - Robert Longden
Best Foot Forward - Andrew Grose

Best Foot Forward - Jane Foster
Best foot forward - Simon Mellor
Billy no Mates - Eddie Humphreys
Billy no Mates - Gareth Wynn
Body Shack Fitness - David Jewell
Body Shack Fitness - Richard Cryer
Body Shack Fitness - Sarah Jewell
Braddan AFC - Brian Goldsmith
Breakthrough Babes - Andrea Castle
Breakthrough Babes - Angie Aire
breakthrough babes - Charlotte Evans
breakthrough babes - Gillian Evans
Breakthrough Babes - James Aire
Breakthrough Babes - Jan Brooks
Breakthrough Babes - Kim Makin
Breakthrough Babes - Lindsay J Quayle
Breakthrough Babes - Pamela Temple
Breakthrough Babes - Robert Aire
Breakthrough Babes - Sarah Ford
Butterfly Pirates - Miles Ashworth
Butterfly Pirates - Stuart Baggs
Cobbled Hobblers - Malcolm Newton
cobbled hobblers - Michael Bonney
Cobbled Hobblers - Robert Webb

DOM 'N' OW - Sally Roddy
DOM 'N'OW - Belinda Walton
DOM 'N'OW - Ian Postlethwaite
Edgewater Associates - Ian Crawford
Edgewater Associates - Karen Locking
edgewater associates - Kathy Mitchell
Edgewater Associates Limited - Alison Buckerfield
Every Step Counts - Charlene McGarry
every step counts - Gemma Collister
Every Step Counts - Marie Gilbertson
Every Step Counts - Samantha Draper
Golden Trotters - Dewald Joubert
Golden Trotters - Emma Callister
Golden Trotters - George Asare-Aidoo
Golden Trotters - Johan Snyman
Integrated Marchers Supreme - Simon Cox
Integrated Marchers Supreme - Sue Furner
Isle of Man Law Society - Kathryn Clough
It's good to walk - Graham Greenwood
It's Good to Walk - Matthew Breadner
It's Good to Walk - Robbie Breadner
It's Good to Walk - Tony Dugdale
Kili Climb & Parish Walk 2010 - Dave Clark-Wilson
Law Soc 1 - Jonathan Wild
Law Soc 1 - Phil Whittam
Manx Mountain Ninjas - Evan Guest
Manx Mountain Ninjas - James Tregellis
Manx Mountain Ninjas - John Barlow
Manx Mountain Ninjas - Tom Haworth
Meconium Happens - Craig Riley
Meconium Happens - Philip Smart
Meconium Happens - Richard Riley
Monseigneur's - Anthony Ball
Name to be greed - Geoff Quayle
Nationwide International Limited - Claire Corrin
Nationwide International Limited - Creena Mason
Nationwide International Limited - James Byrne
Nationwide International Limited - Jay Gandy
Nationwide International Limited - Katie Ridge
Nationwide International Limited - Kyle Berry
Nationwide International Limited - Liz McCormack
Nationwide International Limited - Sonia Grainger
Obi One Kenobi Nil - Chris Quinn
Obi One Kenobi Nil - Frank Douthwaite
Obi One Kenobi Nil - Richard Butler
Obi One Kenobi Nil - Stephen Hanbidge
Omnitec Ltd - Steven Martin
one world centre - Dave Cain
Over The Hill - Adrian Brooks
Over the Hill - David Higson
Over The Hill - Gary Singleton
Over the Hill - James Curphey
OXYGEN THEIVES - Anthony Atkinson
Oxygen Thieves - Janette Morgan
Oxygen Thieves - Richard Gerrard
Oxygen Thieves - Ronnie Kelly
Perree Bane - Andy Harding
Preston Plodders - Christopher Hood
Preston Plodders - Mark Stewart
Race Walking Record Magazine - John Constandinou
Sailing for the Disabled - Alistair Shillito
Sailing for the Disabled - Edward Marshall
Sailing for the Disabled - John Callow
Scottish Window Cleaners - Graeme Fountain
Scottish Window Cleaners - Graham Dodd
Scottish Window Cleaners - Graham Jamieson
See My Vest - Ben Watterson
See My Vest - Dan Cashen
See My Vest - Ed Walter
SMP Partners - Walk on! - Andy Cassidy
SMP Partners - Walk on! - James Brew
SMP Partners - Walk On! - Kate Cowley
SMP Partners - Walk on! - Nick Saunders
SMP Partners On Foot - Anne Baggesen
SMP Partners On Foot - Debbie Fenton
SMP Partners On Foot - Janine Cubbon
SMP Partners On Foot - Rebecca Taylor
SMP Partners Picasso Bed Heads - Amanda Butler
SMP Partners Picasso Bed Heads - Annette Heath
SMP Partners Picasso Bed Heads - David Wilding
SMP Partners Pioneers - Abbie Corkish
SMP Partners Pioneers - Irene Taggart
SMP Partners Pioneers - John Watterson
SMP Partners Pioneers - Mark Denton
SMP Partners Strollers - Antony Bell-Scott
SMP Partners Strollers - Georgina Kelly
SMP Partners Strollers - Stuart Bell-Scott
Special olympics - David Hudson
Special olympics - Michelle Jones
SPECIAL OLYMPICS - Rebecca Hoskisson
Star Walkers - Chris Cale
Star Walkers - James O'Toole
Star Walkers - Jock Waddington
Star Walkers - Sandra Halpin
Team Field - Emma Lister
Team Field - Kelly Mumford
Team Field - Paul Mumford
Team Field - Shane Field
Team Horisk - Dave Horisk
Team Posse - Dave Taylor
Team Posse - Shirley Gage
Team Waldo - Andy Walton
Team Waldo - Graham Cormode
Team Waldo - John Duggan
Team Waldo - Mike Swift
The Dam Blisters - Carl Senogles
The Dam Blisters - Colin Stephen Moore
The Dam Blisters - Gill Senogles
The Dam Blisters - Simon Starkey
The Michael Four - Ellen Millichap
The Michael Four - Rosie Hawes
The Michael Four - Sarah Bassett
The Michael Four - Sharon Nobbs
The Scottish Window Cleaners - Peter Daly
Time to Heel - Anne Dudley
Time to Heel - Anthony Kneale
Time to Heel - Dermot O'Toole
Tower Tigers - Kellie Haworth
Tower Tigers - Mark Hempsall
Tower Tigers - Michael George
Tower Tigers - Paul Sykes
Tower Tigers 1 - Irene George
Tower Tigers 1 - Jim Kaighin
Tower Tigers 2 - Amie Morris
Tower Tigers 2 - David Stacey
Tower Tigers 2 - Gary Allen
Tower Tigers 2 - Jessie Hay
Tower Tigers 3 - Greig Hills
Tower Tigers 3 - Laura Fenlon
Tower Tigers 3 - Stephanie Nuttall
Tower Tigers1 - Pam Kaighin
Walk 4 Dru - James Vickers
Walk 4 Dru - Tommy Harrison
Weakest Link / Silly Hats - Roger Hammond Cave

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