Sunday, 31 January 2010

Big hitters

The entries over the weekend (taking the scores on the doors to 232) include double winner Jock Waddington, 12 times finisher Irene Taggart and another of the favourites, Michael George who returns after a year concentrating on what most people would call long distance but parish walkers would call short distance stuff.

Here is the list:

Barry Lawson

Carol Stevens

Chris Cale

David Jones

Dot Saunders

Irene George

Irene Taggart

Jock Waddington

Kevin Nightingale

Michael George

Nicky Quinn

Wendy Tyler

Friday, 29 January 2010

9% of finishers have 31% of finishes

445 of the 1400 laps of the course have been completed by just 59 people who have five or more finishes.

Here they are:

David Collister 26 Ray Hughes 22 Anthony Kneale 20 Mick Holgate 17 Dermot O'Toole 15 Irene Taggart 12 Steve Gardner 10 Rosemarie Crellin 10 Sue Biggart 9 Robbie Callister 9 Julian Thomas 9 Charlie Weston 9 Andrew Titley 9 Simon Cox 8 John Cannell 8 Jo Revill 8 Derek Harrison 8 Christopher Flint 8 Alan Kinvig 7 Gordon Corran 7 David Comish 7 David (Lon) Chambers 7 Chris Cale 7 Bob Noonan 7 Stephen Brew 6 Stella Corlett 6 Ray Pitts 6 Kevin Leslie Martin 6 John Shimmin 6 John Adair 6 Ian Ashcroft 6 Eammon Harkin 6 David Whorrall 6 David Cain 6 Chris Keown 6 Terry Moffat 5 Alan Clucas 5 Sean Hands 5 Roy Corlett 5 Alan Brew 5 Angie Aire 5 Adrian Beale 5 Michael Readshaw 5 Michael Crook 5 Marie Gilbertson 5 Malcolm Newton 5 Lesley Christian 5 Kevin Graham 5 Keith Wilkinson 5 Kath Kelly 5 Juan Readshaw 5 John Lovelady 5 John Hunter 5 Jock Waddington 5 Edward Marshall 5 Dudley Butt 5 Doug Allan 5 David Churcher 5 Cyril Evans 5

These five lift entries to 220

Frances Bell

James Nolan

Kerry Jones

Sam Wright

Sarah Northrop

Thursday, 28 January 2010

2009 finishers who haven't entered (yet)

Adrian Beale Adrian Brooks Adrian Gell Alan Cowin Alan Kinvig Alex Wijsman Amanda Dougherty Andrew Gosnell Andrew McCutcheon Andrew Titley Andy Green Angela Southern Anita Kelly (Nee Costain) Annie Harling Anthony Atkinson Ben O'Hare Ben Watterson Bernie Ball Billy McCoubrey Billy Shaw Bob Corrin Bob Noonan Brian Connolly Bronwen Raatgever Cameron Mackintosh Carol McCoubrey Carole Staples Caroline Moran Chris Cale Chris Murphy Chris Reynolds Christopher Flint Christopher Waller Claire Coleman Colin Coole Colin Garvey Colleen Cubbon Damien Devlin Darren Mealin Dave Lawrie Dave Taylor David Anderson David Clucas David Collister David Cretney David Goldsmith David Hall David McCutcheon Debbie Storrie Dermot O'Toole Donny Strathie Duncan Firth Eammon Harkin Ed Burn Edmund Shillabeer Edward Marshall Elaine Masterson Ernie Radcliffe Frank Feeney Fraser Mackay Gary Deuchar Geoff Quayle Gillian Cunningham Glenn Blacker Graham Kelly Greg Nation Hannah Newton Haydn Cubbon Helen Pope Helen Taylor Iain Craig Ian Ashcroft Ian Wakley Irene Taggart Jackie Campbell James Betteridge James Daniel Kinley Jane Cregeen Janet Allen Janice Quirk Jared Smith Jason Edwards Jenny Smith Jim Caley Jo Revill Jo Richardson Joanne Cubbon Jock Waddington John Callow John Shimmin John Watterson Jonathan Wild Juan Readshaw Juana Warburton Julia Furner Julian Thomas Julie Hill Julie Masterman Kath Kelly Katie Cullen Keith Wilkinson Kevin Graham Kingsley Lambert Kuba Szymanski Les Webb Lisa Motley Louise Thomas Lynn McCoubrey Malcolm Meddings Malcolm Newton Marie Gilbertson Mark Honeyman Mark Le Lerre Mark Williams Martijn Biesmans Martin Kennaugh Matt Harvey Maureen Moffatt Michael Bonney Michael Farnworth Michael Gray Michael Readshaw Moira Hall Nicholas Kelly Nigel Maddocks Paul Jackson Paul Kennish Paul Wheeldon Pauline Ringham Perry Downward Peter Bradley Peter Maurice Bell Phil Colebourn Philip Knop Pippa Edmonds Ralph Pawling Remo Ricciardi Richard Corlett Richard Gerrard Richard Spenceley Rob Campbell Robbie Stockton Robert Corrin Robert Currey Robert Higgins Robert Wright Rod Phillips Rosemarie Crellin Rosie Allen Sally Watterson Samantha Draper Samuel Fletcher Sarah Jo Callow Sarah Thornhill Selwyn Callister Sharon Whitehouse Shirley Gage Simon Mellor Stella Corlett Stephanie Gray Stephen Corkill Stephen Harvey Stephen Kelly Sue Biggart Sue McCourt Sue Tilston Susan MooreTony Duggan Trevor Quayle Vinny Lynch Wendy Easthope William Craig

Good day for entries - or is it?

There have been another 9 entries since I checked at lunchtime.

215 now. Pretty good I thought.

Then I read in the paper that there are already more than 900 for the End to End Mountain Bike Challenge and that is not being held until September!

The way to get people to enter the Parish Walk sooner is surely to scare people into thinking they will be left on the shelf when the entry list is closed. Have you heard that entries close when they reach 250?

Anyway, here are the next 9 and lets hope for a bumper entry tomorrow:

Andy Cassidy

Annette Harding

Christopher Sheppard

Gary Christian

Kate Cowley

Kate Rovera

Martin Wood

Sarah Linwood

Suzanne Kennaugh

Only 17 of last years finishers have entered so far

Alison Finch

Angela Martin

Angie Aire

Carl Senogles

Chris Moore

David Whorrall

Ian Lewandowskyj

Kevin Ford

Mark Hempsall

Michael Crook

Oliver Browne

Phil Hancock

Robbie Breadner

Simon Starkey

Tony Dugdale

Vinny Lynch

6 entries in last 24 hours

Jacqueline Baker

Ryan Cleator

Ashley Cowin

Amy Maguire

Sam Peel

Sacha Rice

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The four entrants who take the number to 200

Ali Bell

David Whorrall

Debbie Kelch

Ian Scott

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Some long awaited stats

The average time for the 998 credited with a time at Peel last year was 8 hours 9 minutes and 32 seconds.

Despite the rain the year before, the 790 who walked to Peel in 2008 averaged just 25 seconds slower (8.09.52).

In 2007 there were 749 at Peel with an average time of 8.02.09.

No promises, but I going to try and add some more stats like these in the weeks ahead.

Only 4 more needed to get to 200

Julie Bell

Lynne McMenemy

Melanie Christian

Michelle Jones

Patrick Devaney

Robert Allan

Shane Bennett-White

Tony Blakeley

Vinny Lynch

Sunday, 24 January 2010

And now there are 189

Arielle Sixsmith

Miguel Fernandes

Paul Sayle

Rebecca Somers

Yvonne Crawford

Saturday, 23 January 2010


Chris Duff

Clare Mylrea

David Dodson

David Hudson

Katy Duff

Michelle Jones

Tony Blakeley

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Ahead of last year

After making my usual comment about most people being slow to enter last night I thought I would look back to see how progress compares to last year.

On that basis we are doing reasonably well. On 20/1/09 there were 159 entries; on 20/1/10 there were 177.

Mind you, last year we had the crazy situation of many people entering on the final morning after having been able to enter for six and a half months. Just imagine if you risk that again and your internet connect goes down or your credit card gives you a problem.

Such eventualities will mean that you will not be taking part in the Scottish Widows Parish Walk as there are NO LATE ENTRIES UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Come on you 90%!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Where are the other 90%?

Its good to report another 10 entries (listed below) but the 177 entries only represent about 10% of the total expected.

Caroline Kneen

Christina Paul

Eunice Cubbon

Gregory Pearn

Lee Stennett

Mark Cubbon

Mark Kneen

Michael Crook

Paul Cowin

Yvette Hollows

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

2 additional entries

Helen Ballinger-Wood

Trudi Telling

Monday, 18 January 2010

Entries reach 165

Andrew Muir

Ann Henrard

Emma McGreevy

Helen Stone

Helen Wainwright

Jonathan Hebden

Karl Breadner

Kerryanne Quilliam

Kieron Iveagh

Lorna Brown

Natalie Robertson

Patrick Reid

Friday, 15 January 2010

4 more entries

The latest entrants are all male:

Andrew Grose

Nigel Owen

Paul Kinnin

Stephen Caley

Thursday, 14 January 2010

11 more entries

Alison Crellin

Anthea Varey

Davey Gawne

Fab Shimmin

Gary Markham

Jo-Ann Jansen Van Vuuren

Kevin Adamson

Lloyd Van Vuuren

Martyn Quayle

Terri Salmon

William Russell

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Just a couple of entries

Leonard Styles

Marc Faragher

There are now 138.

Monday, 11 January 2010

6 more sign up

John Macgregor

Kevin Marshall

Lisa Macadam

Louise Hollings

Susan Macgregor

Svetlana Elkins

Before electronic timing

One of the 35 entrants in the 1960 Parish Walk is to return to the Isle of Man to take part 50 years later just a few weeks after he plans to maintain his 100% record of finishing all 30 London Marathons that will have been held by then.

You can learn about this man on the latest feature on the website here. His 1960 check card is reproduced above.

Friday, 8 January 2010


People must be thinking about the summer during this awful weather and getting their Parish Walk entries in. Good on you!

I was pleasantly surprised, when I had a quick peep before I leave the office, to find that there have been six further entries during the course of the day. Here they are:

Catherine Markham
Dave Clark-Wilson
Gary Singleton
Ian Moore
Mark Bratt
Phil Kerruish

Encouraging number of entries

Here are the latest editions taking the total to 124:

Adam Price

Adrian Crellin

Alison Finch

Dale Farquhar

Dawn Redmond

Emma Bridgewater

Jacqui Simpson

Jayne Farquhar

Juan Drinkwater

Kevin Jones

Louise Price

Michael Cowin

Michael Rodgers

Nicola Raven

Patrick Redmond

Sharon Kinnin

Sophie Mawson

Monday, 4 January 2010

Welcome to the third blogger

All is revealed here:

5 new year entries

Geraldine Cannon
Mark Dixon
Rosie Hawes
Sam Moffat
Sharon Nobbs

Saturday, 2 January 2010

New year century

There are now 102 entries. The five latest are:

Bill Shimmins
Colin Stephen Moore
Kevin Ford
Stephen Trimble
Steve Curtis