Friday, 25 June 2010

End of this road

I've had a long day with all sorts of hic-cups with my tasks. No time to talk about them before switching to the race day blog which will be listed shortly.

Not quite the BBC

I've just watched the published version of the file and its not turned out too bad. Here it is:

1295 visitors yesterday

There have been 48 today since midnight.

Page hits more than doubled compared to Wednesday with 4166 (excluding pdfs).

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Its taking too long

I'm not going to be able to wait for the latest video to get to YouTube but it should be on my "channel" at about 12.30.

I have far too many things from last night to produce and publish before the race. I have 101 things to do tomorrow (about 91 of them being required within the same hour) so it is going to be tough.

Marie thinks this is sad

I've just made this the desktop on my laptop so that I can remember (roughly) when to expect to see the leaders at the churches.

I did this one at lunchtime but didn't get a chance to link anywhere

Third cut fits

I did the first cut of the video of the 50th anniversary walkers before I went out tonight and it was 60% too long. When I came home, I edited it down again leaving out some of the stories that have already been told in other videos on the site.

The second cut was still over 12 minutes so I had to take out the introductions. This brought it down to 9.45 so there was just space to add a photo and overlay the credits in a different way to normal.

The 2nd Jools Holland concert was rather good tonight. Everyone I spoke to was in agreement with that sentiment and we spoke to quite a few.

One good thing about the when the Parish Walk is over is that I will no longer be asked if I am doing it this year - one of several who asked tonight was somewhat surprised that it is 30 years since I last took part. But I suppose the question then will be DID you do the Parish Walk?