Thursday, 13 May 2010

More than 50% of last year finishers now entered

Here are the 92 of the 187 that have NOT entered meaning that 95 have now signed up:

Janice Quirk
Sue Biggart
Martijn Biesmans
Stephen Harvey
Edmund Shillabeer
Mark Honeyman
Janet Allen
David Cretney
Jackie Campbell
Juan Readshaw
Alex Wijsman
Joanne Cubbon
Haydn Cubbon
Rosemarie Crellin
Helen Taylor
Ernie Radcliffe
Selwyn Callister
Andrew McCutcheon
Christopher Waller
Billy Shaw
Colin Coole
William Craig
Susan Moore
Lisa Motley
Louise Thomas
Sarah Thornhill
Paul Jackson
Adrian Beale
Glenn Blacker
Caroline Moran
Sally Watterson
Robert Wright
Damien Devlin
Ian Ashcroft
Mark Le Lerre
Kingsley Lambert
Bob Corrin
Robert Corrin
Debbie Storrie
Anita Kelly (Nee Costain)
Tony Duggan
Brian Connolly
Keith Wilkinson
Wendy Easthope
Annie Harling
Robert Higgins
Ralph Pawling
Philip Knop
Colleen Cubbon
Richard Corlett
Malcolm Meddings
Samuel Fletcher
Sarah Jo Callow
Colin Garvey
Rob Campbell
Rod Phillips
Julie Hill
David McCutcheon
Cameron Mackintosh
Peter Bradley
Katie Cullen
Claire Coleman
Bronwen Raatgever
David Hall
Kuba Szymanski
Carole Staples
Juana Warburton
Sharon Whitehouse
Mark Williams
Adrian Gell
Jane Cregeen
Lynn McCoubrey
Sue Tilston
Nicholas Kelly
Ben Watterson
Sue McCourt
Peter Maurice Bell
Graham Kelly
Stephen Kelly
Michael Gray
Matt Harvey
Helen Pope
Dave Lawrie
Jo Richardson
Jason Edwards
James Betteridge
Julie Masterman
Duncan Firth
Fraser Mackay
Elaine Masterson
Jim Caley
Iain Craig

I would have guessed at 75% entering this year but how can I be sure? I can't be but I still think that we will whizz past the record in the remaining (just less than) 52 hours.

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