Thursday, 24 June 2010

Third cut fits

I did the first cut of the video of the 50th anniversary walkers before I went out tonight and it was 60% too long. When I came home, I edited it down again leaving out some of the stories that have already been told in other videos on the site.

The second cut was still over 12 minutes so I had to take out the introductions. This brought it down to 9.45 so there was just space to add a photo and overlay the credits in a different way to normal.

The 2nd Jools Holland concert was rather good tonight. Everyone I spoke to was in agreement with that sentiment and we spoke to quite a few.

One good thing about the when the Parish Walk is over is that I will no longer be asked if I am doing it this year - one of several who asked tonight was somewhat surprised that it is 30 years since I last took part. But I suppose the question then will be DID you do the Parish Walk?

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