Monday, 14 June 2010

Realistic expectations

Wow! Even if you are not a motor sport fan, if you watched the TV coverage of the TT races you could not fail to have been impressed with the production, the races and the Manx countryside from the air.

And at last the iomtt website is catching up the standard of the TV coverage. The live times were great although they could have just done with posting (and displaying prominently) the revised start times more frequently on days when there were postponements.

This is the 10th year that the website has covered what is now the Scottish Widows Parish Walk and I have tried to make it a little better each year. And I'll be working myself into exhaustion over a 26 hour shift in addition to taking time off work before and after the event to try and continue those improvements.

But with the best will in the world, the site will fall well short of the professional standards set by the TT TV coverage. I have to be a jack of all trades and therefore I am master of none - and I am funding my hobby.

Last year I received an email from one irate competitor because I did not take her photograph when she finished in the dark. I had the same complaint about not getting all the competitors at the Manx Mountain Marathon this Easter.

By all means make suggestions, or drop me a line when I make the inevitably mistakes, but don't expect the impossible. I'm trying to rope in as much help as can for the website coverage but most of the spare hands are already doing other vital jobs for the event.

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