Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Scottish Widows Parish Walk site

I'm delighted to showcase the new Scottish Widows Parish Walk site as a landing page (in the short term) and as a link from all the Scottish Widows logos (soon).

Their website is located at:


I've had a very fruitful relationship with the Scottish Widows marketing department and they are not launching this site in competition to the one that I have produced for the last 10 events but to sit alongside mine. I suggested during our original discussions that they set up their own site to publicise their involvement rather than have me involved with the detail of their policy and be required to update content.

One of the things that they are able to do much more productively than I have is to promote their nominated charities each year.

Among other features are a set of tips for walkers preparing for the event written by Allan Callow.

I also feel that, although I have no plans to stop producing this site at the moment, the event should no longer be dependent on my site. It might not have the stats, photos, videos, archives and features that mine has, but it could easily be updated to become the main site with links to the online entries and Manx Telecom timing, if ever I wanted or needed to step down.

I'm very happy with these developments. Scottish Widows are doing a massive amount for the ParishWalk. It really is getting better and better.


  1. Dont you dare even think about stepping down !!

  2. Have only just seen your post Dave. Am I not allowed to make a comeback then?