Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Blog returns

I finally broke my addiction to checking the PW entries at the weekend but only because every minute of my spare time was committed to the manxathletics.com site.

There have been 31 entries since I last posted and the total stands at 697.

Here are the new ones:

David Bartlett

Debbie Bartlett

Jimmy Breadner

Rhona Cain
Steven Cain
Paul Condon
Melony Corrin
Kevin Costain
Laura Croft
Andrew Dancer
Ollie Downward
Jenny Foy
Dean Greenland
Mandy Griffin
Zoe Guilford
Hamish Hockings
Dave Horisk
Craig Jenkinson
Barbara Kniveton
Baiba Laucina
Damien Losh
Darren Mealin
Seamus Murray
Bob Noonan
Lorcan O'Mahony
Geoff Quayle
Neil Taggart
Rebecca Watterson
Richard Watterson
Dawn Webb
Grzegorz Wykurz

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