Sunday, 14 March 2010

Not quite 500

When we hit 400 entries the other day I rather optimistically suggested that we could raise the bar to 500 by today.

Well we didn't get that far but there are another 25 entries to report 440 to date.

I have 27 new names so, again, something is not quite right with my stats (it someone edits their preferred name from (say) David to Dave it will be included as a new name and I haven't got time to investigate so here are the 27:

Noel Ash

Ben Bryan

Laura Bryan

Ed Burn

Michelle Cain

Michael Chatel

Samantha Crellin

Jason Davies

Eammon Harkin

Dawn Henley

David Higson

Mandy Hughes

Milena Karagoz

Paul Kennish

Stuart Kneen

Carolyn Lace

Kirk McCarthy

Tim Perry

Michael Salmon

Sarah Saxon

Jean Slack

Jane Smith

Becky Thomas

Rachel Udy

Carole White

Julie Williams

After I pasted the list I recognised one name that keeps coming up so I have reduced it to 26!

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