Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Non veterans

It seems hard to believe that for more than half of the Parish Walk history veterans were only expected to walk to Peel - they were too old to walk further than that. It was the young, fit men who were supposed to walk the whole way.

Although it was not universally popular, I campaigned again veterans and women having a race to Peel as collectively they were making up the majority of the finishers.

There were only 57 finishers aged under 40 last year out of a total of 187:

Martijn Biesmans
Richard Gerrard
Stephen Harvey
Chris Cale
Ian Wakley
Samantha Draper
Juan Readshaw
Darren Mealin
Helen Taylor
Christopher Waller
Bernie Ball
Colin Coole
William Craig
Susan Moore
Simon Starkey
Sarah Thornhill
Glenn Blacker
Caroline Moran
Stephen Corkill
Damien Devlin
Robert Corrin
Debbie Storrie
Chris Reynolds
Annie Harling
Robert Higgins
Michael Farnworth
Ralph Pawling
Philip Knop
Richard Corlett
Samuel Fletcher
Simon Mellor
Sarah Jo Callow
Rob Campbell
Nigel Maddocks
Ben O'Hare
Julia Furner
Peter Bradley
Claire Coleman
Bronwen Raatgever
David Hall
Hannah Newton
Mark Williams
Paul Kennish
James Daniel Kinley
Nicholas Kelly
Ben Watterson
Greg Nation
Ed Burn
Graham Kelly
Matt Harvey
Helen Pope
Jason Edwards
James Betteridge
Jared Smith
Jenny Smith
Paul Wheeldon
Iain Craig

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