Monday, 22 March 2010

As many as 45% of entrants may be first time entrants

I have just calculated that 244 of the entrants have not entered before. There are likely to be a few corrections to this because:

  1. I don't have the non finishers between 1960 and 1973 in my database of 15,315 performances.
  2. Women have have changed their surnames by marriage (or divorce).
  3. People who have used their full name one year and an abbreviated name another (David, Dave).

With regard to the third category, if you identify any on the list let me know and I will change the database to the name used this year.

There is one additional difficulty with this list as John Smith may be a newcomer but someone else with the same name have previously walked. Please let me know any of these. These things might sound trivia but when the pressure is on at the time of the event they are difficult to check and people do get upset when mistakes are made. The more accuracy I can get into my records BEFORE THE WALK the better will be the quality of the reports I produce afterwards.

Anyway here are the 244 newcomers:

Kevin Adamson

James Aire

Robert Aire

Rob Annett

Anne Baggesen

Jacqueline Baker

Nahid Barker

Lee Bass

Sarah Bassett

Suzanne Beardsmore

Mandy Beattie

Sean Beattie

Richard Beaumont

Frances Bell

Stephen Bell

Tiffany Bell

Teresa Marie Blair

Tony Blakeley

Lindsey Blenkinsop

Yohann Bonjus

Marcia MacLeod Brabbs

Nicholas Bradley

Mark Bratt

Karl Breadner

Matthew Breadner

Julian Brindle

Jan Brooks

Rhodes Brown

Richard Butt

Stuart Butterworth

Joanna Cain

Martyn Cain

Michelle Cain

Emma Callister

Joan Cannell

Dan Cashen

Andy Cassidy

Michael Chatel

Gary Christian

Phil Christian

Dave Clark-Wilson

Ryan Cleator

Valerie Cochrane

Richard Coole

Robert Coole

Graham Cormode

Kristine Corr

Kristian Cowin

Rebecca Cowin

Kate Cowley

Euan Craine

Yvonne Crawford

Amanda Creamer

Adrian Crellin

Samantha Crellin

Leslie Crowe

Janine Cubbon

Mark Cubbon

Cosmo Currey

Mark Dale

Ian Davies

Jason Davies

Matthew Dealtry

Mark Denton

Damian Devlin

Amanda Dixon

Mark Dixon

David Dodson

Katy Duff

John Duggan

Gareth Eachus

Gillian Edmonds
Jane Edwards
Svetlana Elkins

Selwyn Facey

Christine Fair

Nola Fairbairn

Katherine Faragher

Marc Faragher

Dale Farquhar

Vivien Fathy

David Ferran

Sarah Ford

Zoray Galloway

Dane Gardiner

Samantha Gatt

Davey Gawne

David Gibson

Emma Gore

Darren Gorry

Al Graham

Graham Greenwood

Zoe Griffiths

Colette Grisdale

Evan Guest

Jane Hairsine

Jill Hamlin

Annette Harding

Linda Harding

Tom Haworth

Craig Henderson

Justine Herridge

Kirstie Hesketh

Jim Hindley

Adrian Hogg

David Hogg

Denise Hogg

Yvette Hollows

Rebecca Hoskisson

Jane Howland

David Hudson

Mark Hull

Laura Hunter

Kieron Iveagh

Denise Jackson

Adrian Jones

Kerry Jones

Michelle Jones

Milena Karagoz

Emma Keig

Jennifer Keill

Georgina Kelly

Hazel Kelly

Manna Kelly

Pat Kelly

Yvonne Kelly

Haydn Kenna

Julia Kiefer

Craig Killey

Paul Kinnin

Sarah Kneale

Caroline Kneen

Mark Kneen

Sara Lalor-Smith

Helen Lamming

Joe Lamming

Humphrey Laughton

Chris Leach

Sharon Leaton

Allison Leece

Sarah Linwood

Beverly Loughran

Peter Lovekin

Trish Lovekin

Ruth MacDonald

Susan Macgregor

Amy Maguire

Catherine Markham

Gary Markham

Eilish Matthews

Sophie Mawson

Elizabeth Maxwell

Ali Mazzone

Mark Mcgrath

Samantha McLean

Chris Melvin

Amanda Michel

Ellen Millichap

Kathy Mitchell

Sam Moffat

Kevin Moore

Susan Sumo Moore

Clare Moretta

Andrew Muir

Cherith Muldrew

Trudy Muldrew

Clare Mylrea

Andreas Nabor

Carmen Nabor

Ruth Nichol

Kevin Nightingale

Sharon Nobbs

Sarah Northrop

Mark O'Grady

Sharon O'Neill

Juliet Oates

Alastair Owen

Nigel Owen

Bruce Parkinson

Tony Parr

David Payne

Gregory Pearn

Sam Peel

Susan Perry

Tim Perry

Stephen Pevsner

Andy Porter

Adam Price

Louise Price

Matthew Quine

Nicky Quinn

Steven Quinn

Julie Redford

Dawn Redmond

Patrick Redmond

Jane Reubens

Natalia Richardson

Robert Rigby

Shaun Roach

Michael Rodgers

Kate Rovera

Kevin Rowson

William Russell

Peter Ryan

Paul Salisbury

Mark Sanderson

Sarah Saxon

Paul Sayle

Christopher Sheppard

Fab Shimmin

Bill Shimmins

Mark Simpson

Sara Simpson

Simon Sinclair

Gary Singleton

Arielle Sixsmith

Neill Skillen

Madeleine Sloane

Hannah Snidal

Johan Snyman

Rita Snyman

Rebecca Somers

Lee Stennett

Leonard Styles

Mike Swift

Rebecca Taylor

Becky Thomas

Iain Thomson

James Tregellis

Ben Truman

Wendy Tyler

Sarah Underwood

Liz Vipond

Caroline Wade

Helen Wainwright

Edward Welsh

Carole White

David Wilding

Julie Williams

Clive Williamson

Matthew Williamson

Ben Woodiwiss

Rob Wright

Sam Wright

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