Friday, 4 December 2009

As boring as it gets

After the panic to get the new site designed and published I have been continuing to tidy up.

In theory I should have started up with a completely new folder files containing all of the new site but in practice I cheat by copying the old folder and then adding in new files as and when required. But then I end with all sorts of files for which I can't remember their purpose.

So tonight I re-named all of the photos within the new site and republished them. Tedious stuff but it will help with the service I provide on the site in the long term.

It was almost as interesting as moving all of the pdf files with the stats after last years race to a different folder at lunchtime today - and then changing the links.

It made changing the links of the sponsors logos from to quite interesting. Correcting the links to the route description and sponsorship form to include the version with the Parish Walk logo was truly exciting.

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